AJ Kolenc

Freelance game & web developer, hobbyist musician

AJ Kolenc

Hello! I'm AJ, an Amsterdam-based freelance developer focused on games.

I've been working as developer for the past 9 years on a variety of projects including games, websites, and interactive experiences. I'm passionate about accessibility and polish in my work, and especially enjoy collaborating with artists.

I thrive in small, independent teams. With a broad range of skills I can easily pick up many tasks, from animating UI to number-crunching game design spreadsheets.

Some of the things I've been hired to do:

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Places I've Worked

FIX Health

CTO, Director of Development

2018 - Now

At FIX I work with our team to create games that help people to achieve their fitness goals. In my tenure as CTO I have managed a team of programmers, artists, and designers to create and build on market-ready mobile games.

Notable Projects

Dragon Army

Contract Developer

2019 - Now

I've worked with Dragon Army as a contractor on a variety of projects over the years, spaninng games, AR exhibits, product demonstrations, and more.

Notable Projects


Intern, Developer

2014 - Now

In 2014 I spent a summer in Rotterdam working with Richard Boeser on VR prototypes. Since then I've continued to work with Richard, focusing on code while he does design and visuals.

Notable Projects

The Stork Burnt Down

Owner, Developer

2015 - 2017

I joined the Stork Burnt Down in 2015 to help bring viral hit Home Improvisation to Steam. As owner I learned how to run an indie studio as a business, and how to ship production-ready games. The studio is now dormant as life brought the owners on different paths.

Notable Projects

Primal Screen

Contract Developer

2015 - 2017

As I was working on my own company The Stork Burnt Down, I augmented my income by working with acclaimed animation studio Primal Screen. This gave me valuable collaborating with artists and working with designs geared towards children.

Notable Projects

Georgia Tech

Lab Manager

2014 - 2015

I studied at Georgia Tech for my master's degree in Digital Media. While doing so I worked as a lab manager for the Experimental Game Lab (EGL), while also participating in the development of projects from other labs in the department.

Notable Projects