AJ Kolenc

Freelance game & web developer, hobbyist musician

AT&T Installation

CSE | 2016

Developed WithFL Studio
VFX Developer

In 2016 AT&T created an installation for the CTIA Mobile World Conference. The display was meant to showcase the connected capabilities of AT&T's network, underdiring the communication between devices on the internet of things.


I was hired to write ambient music for the installation. This was an interesting project as the music was deeply integrated into the experience.

Installation Ambience2:50

Your position in the circular showroom was tracked, and by stepping on three pads distributed throughout the room you could activate different points of interest. To accommodate this, the music was written with multiple layers that would merge seamlessly, as well as be spatially distributed to provide an immersive soundscape.

I also contributed technical visual effect support for both the showroom and the touchscreen displays outside.