AJ Kolenc

Freelance game & web developer, hobbyist musician

The Outbreak

FIX Health | Ongoing

PlatformAndroid & iOS
Developed WithUnity
Director of Development

The Outbreak is a fitness game that puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse: run in the real world to stay ahead of the zombie horde chasing you!

As a product, the Outbreak is targeted at two markets:

Corporate Wellness

HR managers sign up for a timed program (e.g. 6 weeks) for their employees. Players form into teams and try to stay active the whole time.

Virtual Races

Individuals sign up for a distance-based race and can invite friends to join them. Finishing the race grants you a trophy: the faster you finish, the better trophy you earn.


As the CTO of FIX Health, I've been responsible for our entire suite of technology. This includes the Unity-based mobile app, as well as our server code and infrastructure.

Theme from The Outbreak1:33

The Outbreak is a massive project with thousands of monthly users, multiplayer instances, and internal development spread across a full team. Here is just some of what I developed for the game during my tenure as CTO:

  • Support for hundreds of simultaneous players in a single mission
  • Zero down-time server updates on scalable containers
  • Full support for remote assets to allow for new content without app updates
  • Web-hosted authoring tools for designers
  • Pipelines to support the shipment of physical medals for in-game achievements