AJ Kolenc

Freelance game & web developer, hobbyist musician

Lost Tides

FIX Health | 2017

PlatformAndroid & iOS
Developed WithUnity
RolesDirector of Development

Lost Tides: The Voyage Home is a companion app for people who are going through physical therapy. It puts the player at the helm of a ship that has been blown across the world by a mysterious maelstrom; only by consistently doing your at-home treatment can you bring yourself and your crew back to home port.

Lost Tides was developed in a 3-month period during the Techstars program for MetLife. We worked with MetLife in 2018 to pilot the app with a group of people on MetLife's disability insurance. While there were signs that the app did indeed help people stay more mindful of their at-home treatment, MetLife ultimately did not move forward with deploying the app to its full population.


Lost Tides was developed in a short 3-month timeframe. Although it was built on the codebase of The Outbreak, it required many new features to service the new target population (people recovering from disabilities). These included:

  • Choose-your-own-adventure style encounters with voting mechanics on the paths
  • Full integration of a new set of assets, including a completely new UI theme, environment art, and character outfits
  • Survey functionality to self-report at-home treatment
  • Compliance with medical data regulations
  • Statistical calculations and dashboards for the pilot program